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Counseling & coaching with Steve

For more from Steve, you might visit "Ask Steve", his popular and often amusing daily column.  Each day Steve answers questions on  personal growth, emotional self-help, and well-being.  Click here to read "Ask Steve". 


If you'd like to receive coaching, Steve Mensing is available by phone and works with a variety of persons worldwide. A retired Philadelphia counselor, Steve is the developer of Self-Helpapedia and the Emoclear Processes. Steve is experienced with a variety of emotional, relationship, and career issues and offers instruction in emotional processing. 


If you are seeking Steve’s services, email him at to set up a consultation call. 


Over 23 years experience in counseling. 


Developer of Self-Helpapedia and the Emoclear Processes. 


35 years experience in teaching mindfulness and meditation. 


An author of 19 books, including Your Emotional Power, currently available at Hobblet Books,, and other booksellers. 

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