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About Steve

Steve Mensing, a retired counselor from Philadelphia and developer of the Emoclear emotional techniques, is an acknowledged expert on emotional processing, indigenous techniques, and meditations from around the world. An author of 19 books including novels and an amateur astronomy book, Steve wrote many self-help/psychology books such as The Life Skills Self-Helpapedia, Become Your Own Counselor, Getting Shrunk Without a Shrink, and Mind Surfing in the Now. Currently, Steve's book Your Emotional Power is available at Hobblet Books,, and other book sellers. His is a popular self-help emotional processing website with a global audience.

Steve has led a stimulating and varied life. In his early adulthood he worked as a bartender, a drilling supervisor in an open pit copper mine, a ranch hand, and a railroad tracklayer. He moved on to be a crisis intake worker, a mindfulness teacher, and welfare case worker. Since the mid 80's, when he returned to school and completed a masters degree in counseling from Antioch University, Steve has worked as a counselor and created a wide variety of emotional techniques and exercises – many of which are featured at