Powerful techniques to optimize your emotions, beliefs, and behaviors

Reducing Stress



What follows are the ten most powerful methods for stress reduction. 

(1) Get proper sleep.  7 to 9 hours daily.  Extremely important.

(2) Eat well from a variety of colorful fruits and veggies, nuts, legumes, lean meats, healthy fats, and whole grains.  Avoid processed food and simple carbs. They all contribute to body-wide glycolization, oxidative stress, inflammation and stress.  Basically eat an anti-inflammatory diet. 

(3)  Exercise: walk, run, do aerobics, strength training, and interval training.  Great for driving down stress.

(4) A daily nap is a great stress reducer and resets our brain and energy.

(5) Doing relaxation exercises such as our vagus nerve stimulating procedures: Dive Reflex Maneuver, Longevity Maneuver, the Hand Warming/Belly Breathing Exercise

(6) Some forms of simple meditation lower stress.  See our No Meditation Meditation.

(7) Integrating intense and enduring emotions helps lower stress.  See our Emo Integrator, Emotional Writing Process, And the Emo Reviewer.

( 8 ) Being engaged in pleasurable activities lowers stress.

(9) Overcome Distorted Thinking and Self- Defeating Thinking.

(10) Desensitize your traumas.

Try some of the tips below as well:

*Overcome any Personality Clusters and take care of any depression, anger, anxiety, PTSD, panic, OCD, and personality disorders as these are large stresses.

*Humor is a fine stress-buster.

*Stay in connection with your friends and have long chats.

*Avoid smoking/nicotine, substance abuse, drinking more than 1 or 2 alcoholic beverages per day, and tanning. All are stress producing.

*Greatly processed meats, fried foods, saturated fats, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, and trans fats. They all are stressful and inflammatory.

*Get enough B-vitamins and wide-spectrum and bio-available antioxidants from a wide variety of colorful fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, and white meats. Don't forget your Omega 3 oils, olive oil, probiotics and prebiotics, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, and Vitamin D3.

*Take on a lifestyle that says no to obesity and excess body fat.

*Avoid workaholism and too many hours at work.

*Consider adaptogens such Siberian Ginseng, Panax Ginseng, American Ginseng, Schisandra, Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, and Cordyceps.

*Consider supplementing with CoQ10, alpha-lipoic acid, grape seed extract, and selenium.

*Light roast coffee (1 to 2 cups at most), green tea, and natural unsweetened cocoa are inflammation and stress fighters.

*Take care of your allergies.

*Avoid toxic pollution in the air, water, and ground. Avoid heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium. Watch those household cleaners and disinfectants. Some are worse than germs. Avoid excito-toxins like MSG. Be wary of living near power lines, large generators, and microwave stations. Avoid environmental toxins like chlorine bleach, petrol fumes, insecticides, paints, flame retardant chemicals, industrial solvents, and pesticides. All contribute to environmental stress.

*Have a medical doctor treat any hidden diseases like herpes, untreated STDs, and auto-immune dysfunctions. These are stressful and inflammatory. See a medical doctor if you think you are carrying any.

*Have regular medical checkups, get your teeth cleaned regularly, and get periodontal disease treated immediately.

*Treat major short-term infections and diseases like the flu.

*Have your diabetes, high blood pressure treated.

*Learn how to regulate unregulated emotional expression such as rage.

*Be aware of any medication that lowers your body's nutrients and antioxidants. This can be stressful.

*Avoid environmental toxins like chlorine bleach, petrol fumes, insecticides, paints, flame retardant chemicals, industrial solvents, pesticides, water pollution, and dry cleaning fluids.

*Learn forgiveness and appreciation.