Powerful techniques to optimize your emotions, beliefs, and behaviors

The Techniques

 Our A-Z list contains Steve Mensing's techniques and exercises for overcoming stuck and painful emotions, self-defeating behaviors, and distorted thinking as well as cutting edge methods for improving relationships, creating preferred futures with advanced envisioning processes and goal making methods, and exploring the depths of awareness. The A to Z list of Emoclear processes uses our innate abilities and appeals to a wide variety of personal styles. Find the techniques that work well for you and download them. They are free.

Visit the Emoclear Community of self-learners excited by the hobby of emotional growth. The Community is very experienced with the Emoclear techniques and exercises and has assisted many thousands of self-learners from across the globe in mastering these processes. The
Where to Start and Learning to Feel & Integrate pages are excellent beginner start points with instructions and exercises to get you going. Many beginner questions and basic information about processing and integrating, as well as the value of emotions, are available on the FAQ page.

The following is an alphabetical list of Emoclear techniques, activities, exercises, processes and integrators for your reference. Check often, as we frequently add to these techniques and exercises . Find elaboration on many of these techniques and more original methods in Steve's book
Your Emotional Power.

The A to Z List

A Call to Action – the importance of taking action

The Action Maneuver – a simple four step method for getting things done no matter how we’re feeling

Altered States Exploration  – an ultra modern trance method combined with a music program

Appreciation & Gratitude Exercise  – a method for locating appreciation and gratitude in everyday life

As If Action Method – learning to create an instant mental climate conducive to taking action

Avoided Emotion Exercise for Anxiety & Panic – a way of finding avoided emotions and conflicts and expressing them as a method for limiting anxiety challenges

Belief Repeater – a method for weakening distorted and self-defeating beliefs

Bilateral Emotional Walking – walking as a powerful emotional integrator

Catastrophe Gauge – a simple scale for gauging is something is truly horrible or the absolute worst as opposed to merely uncomfortable or inconvenient

Couple's Awareness & Action Exercises – activities that cover five key areas in relationships and draw attention to them for possible change

Couple’s Word-Phrase Intimacy Test – a technique for discovering your feelings about getting involved in an intimate relationship

Crisis Coping Exercise – an exercise that assists in taking us out of the crisis mode to the problem solving mode

Discovering Meaning – a series of meditations to help us find what’s meaningful in our lives

The Dive Reflex – an exercise for rapidly reducing anxiety or stress, as well as elevating mood

 The Dive Reflex Integrator – a feelings integrator-desensitizer for newbies and advanced folks using vagus nerve relaxation. 

Emotional Doodling – a simple illustrated emotional integrator with an expressway to intuition

Emo Direct Exposure – exposing ourselves to highly aroused emotions to desensitize them

Emo Integrator – a feelings integrator-desensitizer for newbies and advanced folks, too

Emotional Intensifier – Formerly the Little Pocket Intensifier: a technique for magnifying feelings

Emo Reviewer – a powerful written exposure process for overcoming trauma

Emotional Writing Process – a written exposure method for overcoming intense, painful, and enduring emotions and learning more about the self

Emptiness Process – a process for integrating feelings of emptiness and loneliness

Ethical Decision Maker – a method for making ethical choices

The Fear List – a list of common fears and phobias for potential processing targets

 Finding a Silver Lining in a Crisis, Defeat, or Loss – a questionaire leading to an optimistic perspective when things seem tough

Forgiveness Exercise – a method for trading resentment and hate for accepting ourselves, others, and circumstances

The Goal Maker  – a method for making well-formed outcomes and a clear path to get there

Grounding Exercise – a technique for returning to mental clarity and being in full contact with our bodies

The Habit Cracker – a way to change behavior and impulses

The Hand Warming – Belly Breathing Exercise – an excellent way to stimulate the vagus nerve and turnoff fight/flight overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and other forms of arousal.  New

Heartbeat Dialogue Process – an exercise for exploring intuition through the heartbeat

Heartbeat Questions – a method for shifting stuck beliefs and emotional states

I Stood It Exercise – a process for overcoming Low Frustration Tolerance (or LFT) and I can’t stand it-itis; includes information on LFT

Intention Exercise – two activities for creating powerful intentions

Labeling Exercises – an exercise for learning about the power of labels and changing them 

Learning to Appreciate Your Feelings Exercises – methods to find value and enjoyment in your feelings

 The Longevity Maneuver  – a maneuver that dissolves stress and body-wide inflammation

Mind-Body Protocol for Psychosomatic Challenges – a method for reducing psychosomatic symptoms

Mindsurfing in the Now Manual – a manual on Zen mindfulness

Mirror Gazing – a method for excavating altered states of awareness for emotional targets

MultiSolutions Generator – a problem solving device


No Meditation Meditation – an effortless mindfulness observation/meditation  

Opening Intuition – a process for accessing intuition and the creative process

Pain Management Exercises – a technique to manage pain


The Pattern Tree – a way to change behavior


Positive Psychology Exercises – a series of exercises that focus on what’s important meaningful, and pleasurable

Positive Psychology Exercises for Couples – a series of exercises that focus on what’s important meaningful, and pleasurable for couples

Rapid Visualization Writing – an activity in which rapid uncensored writing is used to create highly believable imagery

Relationship Builder – brief exercises aimed at improving caring, intimate, and loving behaviors between partners

Relationship Check-Up – a gardening tool for problematic relationship behaviors

Relationship Remodeler – a self-counseling process aimed at common problem areas in relationships

Rumination Breaker – an exercise for overcoming repetitive negative thinking

Self-Rating & Self-Downing Catcher – a method to achieve self-acceptance and turn off self-criticalness

State Maker – a method to create another mental, physical and emotional state

Thought Chiller – a technique to overcome intense and painful thinking

Twilight Trance Process – a multi-purpose deep trance process

Vagal Trance Maker – a quick and powerful deep trance making activity 

 The Will Building Exercise – an exercise to enable stick-to-itiveness. 

The Written Creator – an advanced written envisioning  process 

Written Integrator  – a technique for integrating emotions


Find more original methods in Your Emotional Power.  Find Tips and Skills here.

What types of techniques will you find here?

Exposure-desensitization processes target stuck emotions, beliefs, and sensations and strip them of their intensity and duration. You view situations in a new light and experience a positive alteration in formerly frozen areas. Major shifts in beliefs occur as well. The Emoclear exposure-desensitization processes use state-of-the-art emotional resistance suppressing methods and comfort-making techniques to speed desensitization. Examples of exposure-desensitization processes include the Emo Reviewer, the Emotional Writing Process, and Emo Direct Exposure.

Integrator processes are also forms of exposure, and focus on fully feeling a feeling, gaining its valuable message, and integrating it. Examples include the Emo Integrator and Bilateral Emotional Walking.


Self-counseling exercises include important questions.  An example is the Emotional Writing Process.

Practical emotional exercises work for handling challenges like impatience, envy, inaction, and other common human challenges.  Examples are the I Stood It exercise and the Fear List exercise.

Solutions making processes are useful for rapidly arriving at solutions in situations appearing blocked or insoluble. Examples include the Multi-Solutions Generator and the Relationship Remodeler.

Awareness exploration processes help you explore various altered states for growth, novel shifts in awareness, non-dual states, and recall. Examples include the Twilight Trance Process and the No Meditation Meditation.


You'll also find Steve's tips and skills pages in our navigation links (at the top of the page), including guidance on overcoming anxiety, depression, addiction, and more.