Powerful techniques to optimize your emotions, beliefs, and behaviors

Live the Emotional Life You Want with Your Emotional Power

Based on research validated approaches, the techniques and exercises in this book can reconnect us with our natural abilities to comfortably integrate and desensitize intense and enduring emotions. Providing us with the freedom to act on our heartfelt desires, this book offers modern exposure techniques for healing the past and positively altering our future. We will learn action techniques that help us overcome emotional paralysis and bring positive changes in behavior and keep it changed. We will also learn to fulfill what we truly want in life with a revolutionary envisioning method: The Creator and a goal making approach shaped by research on what makes goals successful: The Goal Maker.



Paperback: 160 pages

Publisher: Hobblet Books; 1st edition (August 7, 2007)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 8190457209

ISBN-13: 978-8190457200

Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 6 x 0.1 inches.

Shipping Weight: 8.8 ounces

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Change Your Life for the Better and Gain Real Emotional Control

Learn powerful, simple, and cutting edge techniques to:

Put anxiety and depression in your rearview mirror.


Take action on what you want in life without being stymied by emotional paralysis and procrastination.

Learn to feel your feelings and accept them.


Live your dreams by actualizing your core values. 


Permanently eliminate distorted and self-defeating beliefs.


Overcome traumas through modern emotional

writing methods.


Alter self-defeating behavior with the Behavior Repatterner.


Achieve self-acceptance.


And much more.



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About the Author

Steve Mensing, a retired counselor from Philadelphia and developer of the Emoclear emotional techniques, is an acknowledged expert on emotional processing, indigenous techniques, and meditations from around the world.


An author of 18 books, Steve also wrote: The Life Skills Self-Helpapedia, Become Your Own Counselor, Getting Shrunk Without a Shrink, and Mind Surfing in the Now. Steve has appeared on numerous television and radio shows. His is a popular self-help emotional processing website with a global following.



Professional Reviews for Your Emotional Power


“Creative, clear-headed, and action oriented.” –Albert Ellis, Ph.D, Cofounder of psychotherapy's Cognitive-Behavioral movement.




“As one lawyer remarked, ‘I came to a conclusion that was eminently reasonable, totally logical and completely wrong because while learning to think I almost forgot how to feel.’ To know ourselves we must pay attention to our feelings and listen to our body so we can be guided and live an authentic life. Today most of us seek distractions and numbness and then pay the penalty when our body breaks down. Don’t wait for a disaster to awaken you. Read Steve Mensing's Your Emotional Power, learn how to integrate your feelings, and become wise and nourish your life."

--Bernie Siegel, MD Author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles, 101 Exercises for the Soul, and 365 Prescriptions for Living.





Book Review by Peter J. Shepherd, Author/Psychologist/Trans4Mind:


"This book is based on the famous Emoclear techniques created by Steve Mensing. Emoclear comes from the words "clear emotions." These simple and powerful processes for integrating emotions are based on mindfulness, modern exposure methods, and ageless integration techniques made more comfortable. Modern behavioral repatterners and visualization techniques are also included. The methods cover every specific need. So why the need for a book? Your Emotional Power both explains the need for the approach and presents a carefully thought out action plan, with the techniques in their ideal sequence. It also contains the combined wisdom and experience of both Steve and the worldwide Emoclear community.


Far more than just presenting the techniques, this book for the first time explains exactly why and how to use them, with a tremendous amount of helpful practical advice. Here is the Table of Contents with some notes...


Ch. 1, Learning to Feel Your Feelings... extending from the introduction above, Steve offers many tips on the practice of feeling feelings, and explains the underlying principles of exposure and emotional integration.


Ch. 2, Integrating Feelings, Emotions and Sensations...includes the Emotional Integrator (first time in print) and the Heartbeat Integrator (A new version).


Ch. 3, The Emotional Writing Process... sometimes called written exposure, emotional writing is a well researched method of desensitizing intense emotions so they are no longer distressing. A new version with improved tips.


Ch. 4, The Event Reviewer (First time published)... is a written exposure method aimed specifically at traumatic events and phobias.


Ch. 5, Creating a Preferred Future... includes the Creator and the Goal Maker. The Creator is a super method of envisioning what we want, utilizing Milton Erickson's Miracle Question linked with Chant Visualization. Linking these two methods easily and quickly creates highly believable visualizations. The Goal Maker is a high-powered tool based on studies of what make successful goals fly. Both methods appear in their newer forms with added tips.


Ch. 6, Changing Distorted Beliefs... teaches how to spot distorted beliefs, test them, and change them if they prove to be self-defeating or unfactual when viewed from an emotional neutral viewpoint. Included in this chapter is the powerful Belief Repeater method for gutting the emotional underpinnings of dsitorted and self-defeating beliefs.


Ch. 7, Taking Action... learn action techniques that will help you overcome procrastination and emotional paralysis. A new and improved Action Maneuver debuts here.


Ch. 8, Changing Self-Defeating Behavior... this is based on research on how humans alter behavior and keep it changed. You learn how to use the Behavior Repatterner to unseat the most difficult to change and habitual self-defeating behavior.


The Appendices contain tips on anxiety and depression, and some great info about self-acceptance.


You will discover 'Your Emotional Power' by Steve Mensing provides a treasure trove of cutting edge and highly effective methods for mastering even your most powerful and negative emotional states and befriending them. As one lawyer remarked... "I came to a conclusion that was eminently reasonable, totally logical and completely wrong - because while learning to think I almost forgot how to feel." To know ourselves we must pay attention to our feelings and listen to our body so we can be guided and live an authentic life.


I personally endorse this method, which closely corresponds in its underlying theory to my own courses and writing. Emoclear works well in the hands of a therapist, but also on one's own: an emotionally stable person could apply these processes, without a practitioner, and they will serve to integrate body and mind in a way that provides degree of clarity and authenticity that is far beyond the everyday. This book provides the map and the compass."

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Reader Reviews of Your Emotional Power

David Cohen, social worker



"Your Emotional Power is an incredibly valuable self-help book. Not only fun to read and insightful, its techniques and instructions, aimed at optimizing our emotional responses, beliefs, and behaviors, are easy to understand and employ. Unlike many "pop" self-help books this guidebook shows you the ropes. The techniques, processes, and exercises, many grounded in well-researched exposure and desensitization and cognitive-behavioral approaches, are expertly made more comfortable and resistance proof by the creativity and intelligence of a master craftsman. Steve Mensing understands the terra-firma of human emotions and how they work. His Emotional Integrator and Event Reviewer represent the top tier of self-help processes. These gems work and work effectively and comfortably. His Emotional Writing process, quite a contribution to written exposure, is a wonder to behold and use. For changing behavior his solutions-based Behavior Repatterner changes and replaces the most difficult and ingrained habits. I'll try not to get too expansive in describing Steve's processes, but you can't go wrong with his Creator, a way of answering an Ericsonian Miracle question with chant visualizations. Your Emotional Power is filled with other techniques and processes yet to appear on the globally popular  





An Excellent Book


Jane Sifford, social worker


"I've used Emoclear processes from the Internet and found them to be quite valuable. I've been waiting for this book to be released. As I hoped, "Your Emotional Power" is not only informative but is a gentle precise guide to readers on how to achieve balanced emotions, change behaviors and create belief systems that work in their best interests. Those of us familiar with the Emoclear techniques, created by Steve Mensing, are thrilled the book has come out and is filled with updated and expanded information about processes geared to aid us in reaching goals and well-being.

My personal favorite techniques from "Your Emotional Power" are The Emotional Writing Process, The Belief Repeater, and the Behavior Repatterner. Using these methods, I've moved beyond childhood and adult traumas and no longer create negative scenarios. I've also been able to change distorted beliefs so I see myself and others in healthier ways. I'm able to change my behaviors so they are no longer self-defeating. It's a pleasure to have this guide available. I give it 5 stars and very bright ones.


Great Book.


D. Dilsner, case manager


"Steve Mensing's book Your Emotional Power is a classic guidebook to emotional well-being. I love this book, and it's been a great help to me. Written simply, with authenticity, and from the heart, "Your Emotional Power" is accessible for both laypersons and professionals new to Steve's highly acclaimed Emoclear techniques.


Your Emotional Power succeeds in being helpful in learning to enjoy life from the vantage point of clear emotions, self-enhancing behaviors, and reasonable thinking. In the initial chapter, Steve explains the value of experiencing and accepting emotions and feelings rather than avoiding them or trying to get rid of them. Next, the book provides powerful emotional Integrator techniques capable of quickly reducing an emotion's intensity, duration, and attention holding abilities. These effective, yet comfortable integrative techniques are based on research validated exposure and desensitization. Research has concluded that emotional writing such as Steve's Emotional Writing Process helps reduce the impact of highly charged events and even shows promise with raised immunity. For overwhelming traumas and phobias, there is the Event Reviewer - which leads to the desentization and acceptance of difficult memories and events.


Your Emotional Power progresses to The Creator and the Goal Maker, exercises by which we can envision and then create a desired future. There is a priceless chapter on changing distorted beliefs that provides us ways to identify and change beliefs that are not serving us well. The Belief Repeater exercise is a godsend in turning off distorted and self-defeating beliefs. The chapter on taking action is quite helpful in overcoming stuckness and moving forward, out of emotional paralysis, procrastination, and depression -- for example -- and into a brighter active life. I've found the Behavior Repatterner invaluable in ending repetitive behaviors that have done badly for me over the years, so that my actions now are based on better and less impulsive choices. It's amazing how so much help is available to achieve wellness in one book that is organized in clear sections to address your needs and goals. The book's chapter sequence builds on each previous sequence and is a well thought out course. This book is a gem in self-help literature."


M. Shay, teacher


A valuable message Steve Mensing communicates in Your Emotional Power is to befriend our emotions and find them messengers that offer greater meaning as well as guidance to an enriched and healthier life experience.

The processes are a balance of creative and cognitive techniques that include tips and methods by which the reader can explore emotions and broaden personal horizons. These Emoclear techniques, simple and very powerful, have made my life better, and I use them when needed.


Your Emotional Power is a book for those wanting to improve the quality of life in many ways through the dynamics of emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. In fact, it is just as much a book for the reader who may currently be avoiding emotions or may have not considered this avenue of exploration yet.


Steve Mensing's writing is friendly and concise, and each chapter elaborates a process or more. Within the chapters, processes are illustrated with the experiences of those who have employed the techniques. Elaboration follows, which is accompanied by suggestions to enhance exploration of emotions and insightful questions to deepen the integration. This book is a toolbox I will return to many times and is definitely one that has become a companion to me.


The directions the processes in this book have taken me have enabled me to experience and make use of my emotions to create and achieve new goals, end an unhealthy relationship, experience unconditional self-acceptance, and relieve pain and anxiety experienced due to emotional avoidance. My experiences with these processes have also included grieving the death of my father, during which time the integration rather than avoidance of emotions has been an extraordinarily effective way of healing.


I strongly recommend Your Emotional Power for positive growth and healing in ways I have found quite rewarding."



E. Braun, coauthor "Gift of Dyslexia" and "The Gift of Learning" 


"This book is a wonderful synthesis of self-examination tools and practical techniques you can use to undo current hang-ups, resolve past traumas, and set your course for the future. They're presented clearly in a style that is brisk, fun and friendly (rather than fuzzy, syrupy or pretentious). This is one self-help book that will help you make the most of the others."


Jarrod Carroll, counselor


"Your Emotional Power" is a wonderful and very practical self-help book.  I love it and highly recommend it."



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